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6 Years as a Tableau partner
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What we do

We deliver comprehensive business intelligence solutions – from data silos to data discovery – that create a full picture of corporate performance and improve decision making.

We partner with leading products such as Tableau and Alteryx and add value with our professional services to deliver complete solutions that are tailored to each customer’s unique requirements. Our services range from ETL, Data Warehousing, and Data Enrichment to Dashboard Creation, and Training.

Unilytics has been a leader and innovator in data visualization, business intelligence, and digital analytics solutions since 2001. We don’t make technology. Instead, we use technology to build solutions. Purchased products are often under-configured, incorrectly deployed, and under-utilized. Just as cotton is not a shirt, technology without processes, services, and some effort delivers little value.

What you can expect if you choose Unilytics

We will listen until you are sure we’ve heard you.

Successful outcomes start with a crystal clear definition of what you want to make happen. As part of our learning curve, we will ask questions – pointed and necessary questions – that in our experience will all be the right ones to ask. We will listen until you are convinced we see things through your eyes. Ultimately, it’s what you tell us that will shape a successful resolution.

We will explain all your options until you say you understand them.

Explaining options is one thing. Helping you understand them is quite another, and this is an area where we excel. We’re very good at combining our specialized experience with innovative new approaches and strategies to develop a host of viable options and then explaining each of them to you. Only when you are satisfied that you fully understand all your options, will we propose a course of action that we believe is in your best interest.

We will do everything we say we will do.

Trust is an indispensable privilege we earn by keeping our word. This trust is the foundation of the many long-term client relationships we enjoy. It is the basis for the numerous referrals we receive via clients and their trusted advisors.

We will not waste your time or your money.

Our ability to match skill sets to critical issues at every stage means we deploy resources efficiently and effectively. We don’t waste one minute of your time or one penny of your money along the way.

Our commitment to our clients is exemplified by the 96% Overall Performance Rating we received from our customers in a recent survey conducted by Dun & Bradstreet.


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